Personal legacies

Ramon de Baños (1890-1980)


Director, screenwriter, cameraman, special effects creator and pioneer of Catalan film who, along with his brother Ricard, shot some of the most important Spanish silent movies. The Baños collection is an important source of information for the study of early Catalan cinema in terms of both the film companies at that time and documents relating to the films in which he was involved.

Ramon de Baños in the digital repository of the Filmoteca de Catalunya.

Domènec Ceret (1865-1922)


Actor and director. He worked for the Solà-Penya company, for Adrià Gual's Barcinógrafo, for Argos and for Segre Films. He was eventually contracted by Studio Films as a technical and artistic director and the star of several films. The Domènec Ceret collection contains documents relating to his professional life in both the cinema and the theatre, and also includes some personal documents.

Domènec Ceret in the digital repository of the Filmoteca de Catalunya.

Albert Gasset (1906-2000)


Director, director of photography and, primarily, film editor. He started out in the film world with cameraman Ramon de Baños and in 1918 met Fructuós Gelabert, with whom he worked in close collaboration; indeed, it was Gelabert who gave him the nickname ‘Griffith’ The collection comprises photographs and documents that illustrate his professional career. It includes photographs from the 1920s through to the end of his life, in many of which he appears as cameraman or editor. Two of his cameras are exhibited in the Espai Delmiro de Caralt permanent exhibition.

Albert Gasset in the digital repository of the Filmoteca de Catalunya.

Fructuós Gelabert (1874-1955)


Director of photography, director and producer. His interest in all kinds of instruments for showing moving images led him to create his own camcorder with which he produced the first film with a storyline in Spain in 1897, Riña en un Café (Fight in a Café). The collection contains material from several films, personal documents, information on film companies and the Boreal production company, and his inventions with drawings, patents and budgets.

Fructuós Gelabert in the digital repository of the Filmoteca de Catalunya.

José Luis Guarner (1937-1993)


A leading film critic, he soon became interested in film societies and also started publishing articles in a wide variety of magazines and newspapers. Director of the Barcelona Film Week and president of the Barcelona Film Festival until 1990, he was also the first president of the Catalan Association of Film Writing and Critique. The collection includes correspondence with several friends, key figures from the film world, film festivals, associations and publishers; it also contains the film reviews he published in various magazines.

José Luis Guarner in the digital repository of the Filmoteca de Catalunya.

Miquel Iglesias Bonns (1915-2012)


Film and theatre director, musician and actor. Working for a variety of producers, he covered many genres, from crime thrillers to musicals and melodramas. The collection contains information about his entire career, compiled and organised by Iglesias himself.

Fact sheet on the Miquel Iglesias Bonns Collection in the digital repository of the Filmoteca de Catalunya.

José Nieto (1942) 


Composer. Throughout his career he specialised primarily in composing music for some of the most representative Spanish films and television series. He also teaches at the Madrid Film and Audiovisual School (ECAM). The collection comprises both handwritten and printed musical scores.

Scores by José Nieto in the digital repository of the Filmoteca de Catalunya.

Francesc Rovira Beleta (1912-1999)


Director and producer. In 1942 he graduated in Law from the University of Barcelona but from 1948 he devoted himself entirely to cinema. Some of his best-known films include Los Atracadores (The Robbers, 1961), Los Tarantos (1962), La Dama de l'Alba (The Lady of the Dawn, 1965) and El Amor Brujo (Bewitched Love, 1967). The collection contains a wide variety of documents on the films he made: photographs, scripts, essays, budgets, contracts, correspondence, etc.

Fact sheet of the Francesc Rovira Beleta collection in the digital repository of the Filmoteca de Catalunya.

Claudi and Frederic Gómez Grau


Brothers Claudi and Frederic originally came from Lleida (Cervera) and their professional career was linked strictly to the audiovisual world. The two of them started out working with stills photography.

The Grau brothers in the digital repository of the Filmoteca de Catalunya.


Carles Duran (1935-1988)


Director and producer, fashion and advertising photographer. He was one of the most active members of the Barcelona School and an exponent of the so-called gauche divine. The personal collection of Carles Duran in the Filmoteca de Catalunya includes documents related to his professional career in connection with the Barcelona School: scripts, administrative documents, photographs, etc.

Fact sheet of the Fons Carles Duran in the digital repository of the Filmoteca de Catalunya.