Loans and reproductions


Users of the Biblioteca del Cinema can borrow up to six documents for two weeks in the case of books, and one week in the case of sound tracks and films, which can be extended by phone, email, the catalogue itself or the contact form, provided that these same documents, books or films have not been requested by another library user.

Any delay in return will be penalised by one point per day and loaned item. Once a user has amassed 18 points, the loan service will be blocked for one week.

The Library also makes inter-library loans. In this case, we fulfil requests from other libraries provided that the corresponding expenses are covered.



The Library has a colour photocopier available to all users. You can do your own photocopies in black and white or colour on payment of the relevant fees.

The photocopy service is regulated by copyright law and the criteria of the Library staff in the interests of protecting the document collection.

We also offer a digitisation service of the collection on demand.