Specialised databases

Biblioteca del Cinema - BEG

The BEG catalogue (Biblioteques Especialitzades de la Generalitat) consists of 35 Libraries and Documentation Centres attached to the different ministries of the Government of Catalonia.

It allows you to make a search of all the Libraries or select just one, such as the Film Library. The Film Library catalogue includes monographs, periodicals, article clippings, films, sound tracks, sound recordings and more in many media: paper, electronic, CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes, LPs, graphics, online, etc.

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In addition, the Library offers users the Screen Studies Collections which includes three important indexing and pooling databases of international film magazines: American Film Index, Index International and International Index to Film Periodicals.

Digital repository

Since 2013 the Filmoteca has had a digital repository to collect, preserve and disseminate the heritage in our collections, which it has been digitising.

You can access part of our graphic collection – photographs, posters, stickers, billboards, etc. – along with the personal collections of Ramon Baños and Fructuós Gelabert, among others, plus collections of magazines such as Arte y Cinematografia, Popular Film and Primer Plano. The repository also contains a cinematographic press archive featuring critiques, reviews and press books, among other content. In 2019 we launched the new version, which provides easier and more intuitive access as well as downloads from collections in the public domain. This new version includes new communities such as the collections generated by the Filmoteca itself and musical scores.

The repository will continue to grow as the Filmoteca’s collection is digitised.

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Mobydoc is the database that centralises the information in the Filmoteca de Catalunya’s Preservation and Restoration Centre (2CR). It contains comprehensive information about the films in its safekeeping, filmographic data, administrative and management details, and preservation and restoration data, which gives a thorough and precise overview of the collection and its status and enables us to monitor it.  It currently has more than 32,000 titles corresponding to around 72,000 copies, of which almost 2,500 have a digital copy available for reference. It also contains more than 20,000 photographic records with digitised copies and almost 20,000 historical press clippings. The general public can refer to this database in the Biblioteca del Cinema.