The Raval centre

Opened in 2012, in the centre of Barcelona, the facility has two screening rooms, exhibition spaces, the Film Library, a bookshop and a restaurant.

The building in El Raval offers all the services of a modern and publicly accessible cultural centre; a centre devoted to the culture of film in all its different aspects and open to the participation of users and organisations with an interest in cinema.

The new Raval building provides an excellent home for these enormously valuable resources and activities. The Filmoteca, in accordance with its established functions, rolls out a wide range of initiatives, from screening films to safeguarding bibliographic material on film culture to organising exhibitions on cinema or any of its related arts.

To carry out its activities, the Filmoteca is equipped with the following facilities:

Screening rooms:

Chomón Auditorium, with 360 seats.

Laya Screening Room, with 175 seats

Both projection rooms are accessible to wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility. Both projection rooms are equipped with analogue 35 mm and 16 mm projectors as well as digital projectors suitable for any format. The Chomón Auditorium can also screen 3D films.


Temporary exhibition room

A 300-square metre room that every year hosts three temporary exhibitions related to film culture. This room has a modular structure which allows the space to be adapted to the characteristics of each exhibition. It also has two small screening rooms to showcase cinematographic images, and a number of screens distributed throughout the room for showing audiovisuals related to the exhibition in question.


Espai Delmiro de Caralt permanent exhibition

In the room that provides access to the Film Library, on the first floor, known as the Espai Delmiro de Caralt, you will find a small sample of a series of museum pieces that reveal the origins of cinema and the evolution that has taken place in moving images.


Biblioteca del Cinema

It is also a library that specialises in cinema and provides a window to a unique bibliographic and video collection, enabling researchers from various disciplines to explore the film world through a rich heritage collection of books, magazines, photographs, programmes and personal legacies, used by museums and research centres. Bright and modern, the 400-square metre general reading room has 16 computers for reference purposes and 48 reading points. In all, the Library has 956 linear metres of freely accessible books and 4,300 linear metres of storage (around 800 sq. m in total). The Library collections occupy more than 1,000 square metres and include: 55,000 bibliographic records, 1,500 historic mastheads, 138 specialist magazines, with monthly subscriptions, more than 20,000 graphic files, 17,000 films on VHS, DVD and Blu-ray, and around 5,000 sound tracks on CD. In addition, the Film Library houses 1,250 pieces of cinema equipment, part of which is on permanent display in the Espai Delmiro de Caralt permanent exhibition.



Digital library

In 2019, the new version of the digital repository was launched, offering easier navigation and with more content and new communities, giving access to the Library’s digital collections: magazines, photographs, posters, personal collections, musical scores, Filmoteca reports, etc.

La Monroe bar and restaurant

For lunch, dinner or a snack, or just for a drink. This pleasant, cosmopolitan bar has a fantastic terrace and offers good market-based cuisine at reasonable prices.


Filmoteca de Catalunya Bookshop

In addition to the film section, which includes specialist books and DVDs at attractive prices, the Infollibreria has a wide range of novels, children’s literature, comics and merchandising related to the cinema.