Filmoteca per a les Escoles

The Filmoteca per a les Escoles(Filmoteca for Schools) programme aims to foster children and young people’s interest in cinema as well as educating future filmgoers by showcasing our film heritage.

Consequently it organises a range of activities aimed at every educational level: matinée cinema sessions and introductions to film language, supported by educational material, workshops, tours, themed itineraries and resources for teaching staff.

In addition to the regular educational sessions on cinema – supported by MODIbandA Bao A QuDrac Màgic i Federació Catalana de Cineclubs – we are continuing to organise workshops this year associated with the Filmoteca’s temporary exhibitions as well as sessions outside Barcelona, such as visits to the Centre de Conservació i Restauració 2CR in Terrassa.

The Filmoteca is a member of the Consell d'Innovació Pedagògica of the Barcelona Education Institute. The Filmoteca per a les Escoles programme is part of the Programa d’Activitats Educatives in collaboration with the Departament d’Educació.

Filmoteca per a les escoles

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