Magnet. Partnerships for educational achievement

The Filmoteca de Catalunya has a partnership with the Pau Casals School in Rubí which aims to develop an innovative, attractive and high quality educational project both for families and the educational community.

The Magnet. Partnerships for Educational Achievement programme supports educational establishments in developing a project in collaboration with an institution of excellence.

Advice on research work

An advisory service for secondary research work related to the cinema, the dissemination of a film culture, and the world of cinema in general.

This service is aimed at both teachers who need to supervise projects and the students who have to prepare them.

A specialist documentalist provides support and personalised advice on the selection of the subject matter and the use of the document collections and tools available from the Biblioteca del Cinema.

Teaching trunks

The teaching trunks of the Filmoteca de Catalunya and the Museu del Cinema de Girona  are a resource that will help you to teach film studies to your students, experimenting with the what and how of cinema and integrating film culture in the educational curriculum. Classes can be organised according to your needs and at the pace of each group.

Aula de cinema

The Aula de Cinema (Film Class) invites university students, film school students and the general public to rediscover the history of the silver screen in 30 sessions held during the academic year.

Sessions schedule:

Wednesdays at 17:00 from October to May.

With the collaboration of: